Hi everyone, this is just a quick note:

At this month’s Food Group (Tuesday Oct 9th) we’re doing something new.  Should be great fun.

Have you ever  tried a new recipe that called for a spice or herb (or other weird ingredient) that you simply never used again?  Ever bought something that sounded intriguing but could never find the recipe to try it in?  In other words, do you have stuff in your pantry or spice drawer that needs to find a new home?  If so, this month’s gathering is for you!

We’re going to bring anything we aren’t using, or extra amounts of it if we simply bought too much once, and we’re going to have a swap/share event.  Think of it as a clothes swap but more tasty.  Bring all your spices that are languishing in the drawer, or that jar of something odd that you’ve never managed to use.  Also bring along some small jars to take home your new treasures!

It’s this Tuesday, October 9th, 7-9 pm at the office.  Bring some food to share as well, and we’ll have fun telling each other the stories of the stuff we’ve brought.  It’s free, and it’ll be the best meal you’ll eat all month!

See you there.