You haven’t heard from me in awhile…..that was kind of on purpose.  Big things have been in the works, and I was waiting til I had more info to tell you.  Also, this time of the full moon with the lunar eclipse felt a pretty auspicious time to raise my voice again.  I was shown yesterday that this feeling was correct, when a big bald eagle swooped along the canal, landing in a tree on our property.  She finished her meal in the tree, hung out for a few minutes, and then flew off.  What a nice visit!

First big news:  we have a fabulous updated website!  If you haven’t seen it, please check it out.  There are some clearer explanations about our practice, and updated resources pages (these are still being worked on, so come back later for even more info).  Thanks to Kjan Studios for the new look (and even our original site!) and to Encourage Thought for the marvelous photography (she also does our Facebook page).  I love working with these women and very much appreciate their patience!  I’m not all that great about getting things done in a timely fashion.

Office announcements:

Kristin Tomlinson, our health coach, will be increasing her hours soon.  Final details to be announced later.

We have a new provider starting with us in February:  Claudia Glugsberger.  Claudia is a body worker, originally trained in Europe.  She will be providing manual lymphatic drainage massage and oncology/mastectomy massage.  More details later, as I want her to have a post all to herself!

Lisa Weikel and I will be hosting a workshop/conference in May called Listening to Spirit 2019.  This workshop is primarily aimed at medical providers and shamanic practitioners (and other interested parties!), in the hopes of bringing our worlds closer together.  I know that my work with Lisa has allowed me to see the value of true whole body healing, and being able to participate in and initiate sacred listening has made me a better healer.  Join us for a transformative weekend.  Our venue is a private retreat center in the mountains northwest of Asheville, Amadell.  It’s a magical place!

Spring Liver Detox:  more information later, but put these dates into your calendar:  starting March 10th and running through March 31st.

Cool stuff for you to do:

Are you kind of interested in tarot and shamanism and dreamwork, but you just want to put your toes in the water and move forward at your own speed?  I’ve got the thing for you.  My friend, Myrina Beauchamps, has created online readings and a dream map workshop that are amazing.  Please check out her work here.

You know how I’ve been urging you (hassling you?) to start a quiet, meditative practice?  I’ve found a good thing to try.  Sharon Salzberg, a well know meditation teacher, is hosting a 28 day online challenge.  The goal is to sit each day for a month, starting February 1st.  You’ll get daily emails from her team, access to blogs written by others doing the challenge with you, and overall encouragement.  It’s being done by donation, so it’s available to everyone.  I’ve signed up.  You should too.  Go here for more info.