Medicine In Balance turns 15 in September, can you believe it?

It amazes me to remember the excitement, concern and fatigue we felt as we put this practice together during the summer of 2004.  I had never run a practice by myself before, so trying to remember all the little details was quite a feat.  I’m reminiscing about all the varying staff who’ve worked with us, different practitioners who have come and gone, patients who have moved away, different versions of the website, even different “office dogs”…’s all pretty amazing.

We could not have done all this without you, our patients and clients.  We wholeheartedly appreciate your trust in us, and we are honored that you allow us into your lives to help you regain your health.

OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATION Sunday September 29th, 1-4 pm at the office

To celebrate and say thank you, we’re opening our doors, gathering some yummy food and fun entertainment and asking that you swing by and say hello.  Many of the practitioners will be on hand so you can meet those you haven’t yet interacted with.  (Not everyone can make it, but that is pretty much always the case, especially this time of year, right?).  Expect to be able to do things such as have a Bioimpedence assessment done, learn about heart rhythm variability coherence, finally understand what shin tai and rolfing are all about.  There will be some give aways, such as supplement samples and educational brochures.  Even my book will be available for 50% off!  Whatever your interest, we’d love for you to stop in and let us say thank you.

Hope to see you there!