Many of you are aware that I fairly regularly do Liver Detox events, and you might have heard me talk about the Fasting Mimicking Diet….both are good ways to reset the system and get rid of bad habits.  Well, I’m going to do a bit of a marathon this spring by combining the two!  Yeah, it probably is related to an upcoming birthday….one of those with a zero at the end.  Don’t they always make you want to get your act together?

So here’s the plan:

I’m currently doing a week of Prolon, the Fasting Mimicking Diet.  I shared with you all my experience with the first 3 rounds here.  I decided to take a break because, well, it was the end of the season and my CSA was giving me SO MUCH lovely food that it seemed a waste to be doing a fast at that time.  So, I’ve gotten through the holidays and here I am.  Sorry I didn’t give you any warning.  Next, I’ll be eating carefully but with no particular plan until March.  I’ll be enjoying the lovely food we get at the Wrightstown Farmer’s Market Winter Market.

Then, I’ll do another round of Prolon the first week of March.  I always find it easier to do the 5 days on Mon-Fri, as I’m distracted with work.  I like to cook on the weekend too much to do the fast then.  The FMD is a good way to convince your body to handle your insulin better, move cholesterol out of your bloodstream, and even reset your immune system.  Join me if you like.

Following that, I’ll start our usual 3 week Liver Detox beginning Sunday March 15th through Sunday April 5th.  Details of this are here.  It’s basically a time where we focus on eating foods that will help our liver do it’s job, and avoid things that gum it up.  We also focus on taking good care of ourselves in general–getting outside every day, having some contemplative practice each day, that sort of thing.  And yes, that means no crazy Irish food on the 17th, and it even includes my actual birthday.  Just trying to set up some good habits as I move forward!

And last, I’ll do the 3rd of 3 rounds of Prolon later in April, either the second or third week.  So, it’s not really straight through–a bit of wiggle room in between, and finishing in time for the regular market season.

If you’re interested in joining me for part (or all!) of this journey, just contact me.  I’m happy to shepherd you through the 5 days of Prolon / FMD, and I definitely am looking for companions during the Liver Detox.  If you’ve been considering making a change in your health, now is a good time.  email me at