I’m assuming that this finds many of you home, doing social distancing.  At least I hope so!

We at MIB are doing our version in the following ways:

We’ll be closed on Wed and Fri for the time being.  We’ve cleared the schedules for this week and next on those days, and we’ll play it by ear after that.  Our schedules on Mon, Tues and Thurs will be shorter than typical because we’re working with just one staff member right now and she can’t be there 11 or 12 hours each day!

As of right now, for this week and next, no practitioner who provides a hands-on service is in the office seeing patients.  Sorry about all those rescheduled appts.  I’m doing phone consults only and have rescheduled any exams for at least a few weeks.  Again, sorry about the changes to the schedule.  Our yoga classes have been postponed for now, and we’re obviously not booking any sauna time.

We’re asking that if at all possible, you order your supplements from Fullscript rather than coming by the office to pick them up.  If you take something that is not available on Fullscript, just email or call us (frontoffice@medicineinbalance.com) and we can ship it to you ourselves.  We’ll be as prompt as possible.  Also, I know that Fullscript is out of a good many of my commonly-suggested supplements, but we may have them in stock so please check with us.

For those of you who have upcoming visits scheduled but need to get bloodwork drawn now in preparation for that visit:  we’ll have to look at this individually.  I’ve already been contacted by several folks who are concerned about going to the labs right now—if you’re older, or immune compromised, or have a history of lung disease or cancer, you’ll probably want to wait.  In that case, just email us so we can cancel / reschedule your appt.  The most important thing is your health and safety and we have to weigh timely follow up with any immediate concern.  The really good news is that for the past two days, I’ve had a mostly full schedule of phone calls, so a LOT of people still got the care they need.  (But I may have to get a phone headset cause my ear is killing me!).

If you have any questions, concerns, etc please reach out to me.  In the meantime, here are some simple suggestions for ways to stay healthy and not allow this virus to spread:

Sleep as much as you can.  Wash your hands more than you think you need to.  Cook real food–cooked greens and mushrooms will boost your immunity, and most spices and herbs are antimicrobial.  Think ethnic food!  Get outside every day, both for the sunshine and mental health boost.  A few supplements can be helpful, but don’t overthink it:  Vitamin D (at least 5000iu daily), Mushroom extracts (we like Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense versions), homeopathic oscillococcinum once a week.

And if you haven’t already seen all this on social media, there are a SLEW of free things online to keep you occupied in a more mindful way than just binge-watching Netflix.  Just check your Facebook feed, you’ll see it all there—and those of you who already home school your kids are laughing at the rest of us, cause you already knew all this!!

Stay safe.  Take this time to slow down and notice your world.  Hope to see you all in person again soon!

Wendy Warner, MD