I’m finding that at this point in the pandemic, folks are still a bit concerned about their own risk of getting sick, as well as wondering when it might be safe to go back out in public –what’s actually safe for them, not just general guidelines.

You might be wondering what I mean by that title, “Covid 19 is a lifestyle disease”.  Well, of course, yes, there is an infective agent involved.  BUT, whether or not you get sick, or whether you just feel bad at home vs need hospitalization seems to be much more related to your current state of health.  That is actually really good news, since these are things we can actually control.  The only bad news is that sheltering in place tends to make all of us drop what good habits we usually have.

In order to help you identify your true risk, not just a statistical one, I’m announcing a new visit type: Covid 19 Risk Assessments.  For one cost, you’ll receive the following:

1)  30 min visit with me to do a risk assessment via a new intake that I’ll use that focuses on just your current covid 19 risk.
2)  30 min visit with Kristin (our health coach) to review Healthsnap, which is an online questionnaire that shows us how you’re currently eating.  Even if you’ve filled this out for us in the past, we want to see how you’re currently eating, so be honest!
3)  A home finger stick test that gives us fasting blood sugar, A1C, vitamin D and CRP.  This information can help us know where things stand with your blood sugar, and inflammation.
4)  A home saliva test for cortisol and dhea.  Yes, it only gives me a one day snap shot, but it’s what we can do to avoid the lab.
5)  A home covid antibody test if I can find a good one.  Still working on this, and it will be an additional charge.  Not all of us will need this, but if you have had the disease, or been exposed to someone who has, this might be helpful.  Especially in determining when/ if to return to work.
6)  30 min f/u visit with me to review results and adjust the risk assessment based on test results.  We can make further plans at this point for herbs, supplements and whatever else you might need to help you get back on track to good health.
7)  a HUGE resource packet that I’ve been curating.  This will include eating plans, supplement guides, access to Mark Hyman’s sleep course,  a fabulous guided meditation for folks feeling isolated made by a Pediatric oncologist/shaman I know, access to Yale’s free course on the Science of Well Being, and lots of strategies for mindfulness practices.
If you’re interested in this, please contact the office to schedule (215-741-1600).  Also, keep in mind that insurance companies are being much more generous than usual in covering Covid-related charges.  For instance, if you have a high deductible plan associated with an HSA, many of these plans are covering the visit expense and labs prior to your meeting your deductible.
Since telemedicine is now legal, I can also offer these visits to friends and family members of yours who are not yet patients of the practice.  So please forward this information on to them, no matter where they live!
**please note that these visits are intended to be strictly about covid risk, and will be, by nature, less comprehensive than my typical visits.
**cost of the package listed above is $675.  Our estimates from experts we consulted are that Medicare would pay about $600 for this, so it’s assumed that other insurance companies will cover at least that much or more when you try to get reimbursed.
In case you missed my Covid 19 Town Hall Q&A last week, it’s posted on Medicine in Balance’s Facebook page…..but here’s a link to the video as well, and another link to a supplement list you might find helpful.