Thanks to those of you who joined me on a perfectly gorgeous evening to learn about Covid testing, both viral testing and antibody testing.

The video is already up on Medicine in Balance’s Facebook page, but if you’re not on Facebook (or prefer to not spend much time there these days, which is understandable!), here’s a link so you can watch it. 

That’s really all for now.  Just so you know, we’re open for business, though only doing phone and video visits for now.  The blood drawing stations at Quest and LabCorp are doing a great job to maintain your safety, so it’s perfectly ok to go get the labs you need.  For now, we plan to not see patients in person until after Governor Wolf states that our area can stop quarantine, which is currently slated for after June 4th.  This, of course, is a moving target, so stay tuned.

And don’t forget that outside of our regular visits, we are also conducting packages of several visits to help you assess your covid risk.  Call the office for details, or see my prior blog post.

We’re all looking forward to the day when the office is its usual bustling self again….it’s weirdly quiet without you all!