Yellow:  caution, but move forward.  I’m hoping that when it comes to Covid 19, people take yellow a bit more seriously than they typically do yellow lights when driving.

Yellow, for MIB, means we’re seeing people in person again!  Well, kind of.  We will be having a slow roll-out, as we all get used to what this means.  Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Tom Sabalaske, DO and I will be the only two practitioners seeing patients in person for the month of June.  Everyone else needs to wait until the county goes to “green”, sorry.  (I know you really miss your acupuncture, massage and energy work!).  For at least the first part of this month, my in-person visits will only be for people who need exams; everyone else will continue to be video or phone visits.  Tom will be scheduling more lightly so that there is adequate time to clean up between patients.  Almost all the other practitioners can do their work virtually / from a distance, so you can get your care, just not in the physical office just yet.  

Everyone, including patients, needs to wear a mask.  Sorry, but if you don’t have a mask you can’t come in (“no shirt, no shoes, no service”).  We won’t have people waiting in the waiting room–we will come get you at the appointed time as you wait in the parking lot in your car.  As much as possible, we’ll be handling financial transactions with no-touch credit card use, and will be posting all your paperwork on our patient portal so no one has to hand papers back and forth.  (You’ll find your receipts, billing summaries, etc, on the portal so you can print them out if you like, once you get home). You’ll notice that the physical space is much more austere—we’ve removed the upholstered chairs from the waiting room since they are hard to disinfect, and we’ve taken out books and other items that usually sit around, so folks aren’t tempted to touch them….again, easier to disinfect the area.  Each practitioner’s office will be equally austere.  Trust me, this breaks my heart, but it’s the thing to do for now.  Obviously bathrooms and high touch areas will be getting cleaned and disinfected regularly.  And if you are feeling AT ALL unwell, please do not come in.

This whole pandemic has taught us to be nimble, flexible and wiling to change.  Please be patient with us as we work through the best practices for keeping everyone safe, healthy and cared for.  And please email me directly with your questions and concerns:

Also remember that, if you’re concerned about your specific covid risk, I’m offering a package of visits, testing and assessment outside of our regular visits.  Information is here.