Here we are on the cusp of the Equinox and Fall…..and of course it doesn’t look the way I thought it might.  A wise woman mentioned to me recently that in 2015, if anyone had said where they’d be in 5 years, they would be totally wrong.

I’m actually getting ok with living with uncertainty, with being flexible, with having basic plans but expecting to pivot at any time.  It’s a skill that many of us have learned this year.  Because as surreal as this year has been, there are still pearls of wisdom to be gleaned.

We at MIB miss seeing you in person, we really do.  At this point, I’m only seeing folks at the office who need exams; everyone else is still phone and video.  This is mostly just to decrease the number of folks my staff are exposed to, and I’m still not certain when that will change.  It will take lower numbers than we currently have, at least.  Dr Tom is seeing patients and is just about as busy as ever–he and I have gotten really good at disinfecting our tables quickly!  Suzette is seeing folks for acupuncture, and Claudia is back for massage and body work.  If you miss these services, please call and book an appointment!  Kristin is mostly still working virtually, though she does come to the office when people need a Bioimpedance Assessment done.  Brad is also still working remotely, as are Lori and Lisa.  Unfortunately, Laurie and Andrea have needed to move on from MIB, and we miss seeing them.

If you’ve been looking ahead and wondering how to continue to stay safe, here are a few suggestions:

Keep wearing your masks, keep social distance, and wash your hands.  For those of you who have regular exposure to the public, you might want to consider specific immune supporting herbs and supplements.  Back in the spring, my colleagues and I at the Institute for Functional Medicine were combing the literature for things that worked on the first SARS virus, and things that “should work” even if there weren’t actual studies.  We ended up with a nice list, which I’ve shared before here.  Metagenics, a supplement company, saw the list and said “hey, we have a lot of that” and they put together a nice product that I grabbed up and take myself.  It’s called Immune Active and contains NAC, a big dose of zinc, EGCG from green tea, and Quercitin.  I’m having my staff take it, and I took some home for the spouse as well.  (We stock it at the office if you’re interested).  Now, I realized that the bottle at home wasn’t disappearing as fast as I expected, and the spouse admitted that he often forgot to take it, so I went on another search.  This time I found a product that Gaia already had on the market called Immune Shine–it’s a powder of medicinal mushrooms and elderberry.  So, now that goes into our daily smoothie, just in case the spouse forgets his pills.  We carry both products (sorry, neither is on Fullscript right now) so if you’d like to start taking either one, just contact the office and we can get you hooked up.  Also, be sure to keep your Vitamin D up, as there is a direct correlation between blood levels of D and how sick you get if you contract Covid.  Goal:  50 or more.

One thing to realize about the virus:  it’s already starting to change.  When a new virus hits the human population, lots of folks die cause our immune systems don’t know how to handle it.  However, it’s not in the virus’s best interest to kill us all (where would it reproduce then?) so it starts to change.  It becomes less virulent / deadly but more easily spread.  We’re already seeing that.  I really think that down the road, SARS CoV2 will become more like Influenza:  it’ll show up every year, some of us will get mildly ill, really compromised folks might die from it, but most of us will be ok.  I want us all to be in the “ok” camp.

As for holiday travel…..I think we all have to be careful.  The Commonwealth keeps a list of states that would require a self quarantine of 2 weeks on your return, based on the number of cases in the state.  That list is here and it’s updated weekly.  So far, TN has consistently been on the list, which irritates me ….. I was hoping to see family in person soon, and not just on Zoom!

Hope to see some of you in the halls as you come for acupuncture or body work, otherwise stay safe and stay positive!