No matter your belief system right now, emotions are high and I think we’re all feeling the turbulence.  Since so many of the folks who entrust their care to me are very energy sensitive, I wanted to make some suggestions about how to stabilize yourself over the coming days/weeks/months it will take to finalize the election results.

First, remember that people lash out from fear.  Fear that something they currently have will be taken away from them, or fear that something they currently find untenable will continue.  It’s fear, not anger.  Meet fear with compassion.  That does not mean you have to condone unacceptable behavior, but it does ask that you look to understand motivation.  Meeting anger with anger really doesn’t ever work out, and we all know that from our personal relationships.  Take that to a higher level, on a public plane, and understand that this is not the answer.  Compassion is a very hard thing, but worth the try.

As for calming the turbulence, here are some practical suggestions:

The energy we send into the world DOES impact the energy around us.  Some people believe that as early as the morning of the election, probably here on the East Coast (and Philly would be a logical place, as we’re in a swing state and the city is already riled up by last week’s violence), there could be an incident at a polling station that could include violence or at least intimidation.  That would get picked up widely by the media both here in the states and across the world, and it could impact how people view the safety of going to the polls.  It could start even prior to the polls being open on the West Coast.  So I suggest that throughout your day, starting early in the morning of Tuesday the 3rd, you pause to breathe and send out love and good wishes to the world.  Focus on your heart and send out images of peaceful gatherings and smiles on the faces of voters as they exercise their right and duty as citizens.  Peacefully.  The more we send that energy into the world, the more impact it will have.  Do it often.

Next, get outside.  Our bodies are geared to vibrate with the energy of the planet, not with the vibrations of human-made computers, fluorescent lights and such.  So just go stand outside, lean against a tree and breathe.  Thank it for helping you stay grounded.  Do this as often as you can over the next days/weeks/months.  Sure, it’s chilly–just bundle up and do it.  It works.

Most important:  stay safe.  If you’re voting in person, take along more than one ID, vote your conscious, then go home.  I suggest that we all pretend there is a curfew on election day.  Especially if you live in a highly populated area.  Your job is just to vote, nothing more.  Frankly, polling and protesting at this late date won’t change anyone’s mind.  (Why do folks try to hand you info as you walk into the polling station?  Do they really think you haven’t decided already???).  And please, don’t confront anyone.  I have personal experience with this regarding mask wearing:  I confronted someone at our local small grocery, and was met with profanity.  And that individual still comes into the store without a mask.  My comments, no matter how well meaning, made absolutely no difference in his behavior.  I was lucky and didn’t get into a physical fight with him….but on election day and just after, I’m not sure what people will be up to, so just avoid confrontation.  It won’t change anything and isn’t worth it.

And I’m going to get yelled at about this, but don’t leave the tv on all night watching the returns.  What we see on Tuesday night won’t really mean much, as we know that there will be states, including PA, where mail in votes won’t be recorded for at least a few days.  So why make yourself crazy?  Every major news organization has already said that they will be constantly reminding us that these results are totally preliminary.  If you want to check in a few times during the evening, that’s fine, but don’t stare at the screen listening to talking heads all night.  They won’t really know what they are talking about.  Listen to music you love.  Read a good book.  Go to bed, don’t stay up.  Continue to breathe, be quiet, be non-agitated.  Protect yourself.

Imagine a protective light around yourself.  Now include your family and friends and loved ones in that protective light.  Now include those you disagree with.  REALLY.  We all need protection, mostly from ourselves and our small reactive human brains.  We can be better.