First, the ask:  I’m planning a new project but I need to know more about you all in order to make this project really impact your health the most.  Here’s a link to a short questionnaire; if you can spend 3-5 minutes helping me out, there is a code at the end for 10% off a bottle of supplements at the office.  Thanks in advance!  (I have also posted this on Facebook, so please only answer once).

Covid Vaccine update:  At this point, a lot of folks have already been vaccinated.  Thanks.  If you’re still on the fence, here’s my thinking (and yes, it’s evolved over time):

  • If we want to return to something that resembles ‘the before time’, then we need to reach herd immunity
  • To reach herd immunity, most of us have to have antibodies either from a vaccine or from getting the viral infection
  • If enough of us get vaccinated THIS YEAR, then the virus will have to shift, becoming less virulent as it searches for someone to infect.  In essence, we force it to become benign, like influenza…then we just keep our immune function in good shape and no more vaccines!
  • The mRNA vaccines are likely not the best choice for folks with autoimmune issues (see prior blog posts about this)
  • The J&J vaccine does have a very slightly increased risk of causing clotting events.  This risk is very small, and for most of us it is not a reason to avoid getting this vaccine.
  • All of this is still evolving as we learn more, but overall, vaccination at least this year does appear to be worth it

The new rules once you’re vaccinated:

  • You can hang out with other vaccinated people indoors and with no masks or social distancing
  • You can hang out indoors with unvaccinated people with no masks so long as no one is at higher than typical risk if they contract Covid
  • Outdoors, if the group is small, you don’t need to wear a mask.  In any large group at all, please keep wearing them for now.
  • Travel:  within the USA, you don’t have to get tested.  International travel varies with your destination; to return to the USA, you still have to show a negative test before boarding your return flight.  You do NOT have to self quarantine on your return though the CDC still recommends you get tested 3-5 days after your return.  (I know, these international travel recommendations are illogical, but they are the going rules).