I have SUCH cool news!

This time 18 years ago, I was rapidly putting together a new workplace for myself, Medicine in Balance, after 14 yrs in conventional practice.  It wasn’t how I had expected it to happen, but it all worked out, and in September of 2004, we opened our doors.  A lot has happened during that time:  lots of different staff and other practitioners, and here we are….

Prior to Covid, the office felt glorious.  Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when so many of us were working.  The energy was SO good, if sometimes a bit hectic.  And then things changed.  Covid was particularly hard on all the other practitioners I work with since they all do hands on work.  3 months of not working at all, then varying levels of return.  Now, there are only about half as many of us at MIB, and some of the practitioners still work virtually.  Not really the same…..

So I looked at my current reality:  My office lease ends October 31, 2022. Most of the space is empty or severely underutilized.  I’m not really seeing that many folks in person at the office as so many folks prefer telemedicine, and I’m doing fewer and fewer gyn visits every month.  This makes sense to me:   why NOT just talk on the computer and save the drive?  Why NOT use insurance to get your routine gyn exam done (because really, anyone can do that).

So, starting Nov 1, 2022, we’re going to be entirely virtual!  For most of you, I don’t think it will really feel very different, since we’re already doing our visits online.  Yes, you’ll need to find someone else to do your annual gyn exam.  Yes, there won’t be a physical space to swing by and pick up supplements—it will be handled online.  But other than that, my schedule won’t be changing and the staff will still be available to help out as usual and I believe we’ll have the same phone number.

The other practitioners will be working virtually or in their home offices; Dr Tom is moving into new space for his primary office very soon and will be able to see manipulation patients there.  I’m trying to help TDI find another office nearby for thermograms (I’ll need that as well, as I’d rather not go all the way to Marlton!).  We still have your back!

I’m hoping that giving you this much of a heads up is helpful.  We’re hoping that you’ll stay with us for holistic/ functional medicine consultations.  If you need your records to move on for paps or any other kind of care, please call the office at 215-741-1600.  If you know you’re due a pap this fall and want to get it in while we’re still in person, CALL NOW and get on my schedule.  I’m assuming it will get full fast.

As the last days of MIB’s “brick and mortar” existence come to a close, we’ll be having a few events:  a sale on remaining supplement / herbs inventory, possibly a sale of furniture/artwork, etc, and very likely a celebration of what we’ve done together while we look forward to a new way of relating.  Remember:  I’m not going anywhere.  It’s just going to look a little different.  Details of these events will be posted as the time gets closer.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly at drwarner@medicineinbalance.com.  Thanks again for our journey together so far, and really looking forward to the next phase!