Pull out your calendars and make a note–several important things you need to know about MIB in October!

Wednesday October 12th

Last Food Group on site.  Our Food Group (which has also been referred to as a cult by some attendee’s family members!) has been meeting for more than a decade.  It was extremely regular, every month, til the pandemic.  Since then it’s been a bit fitful and sometimes pretty spontaneous.  What is it?  A chance to exchange information about healthy eating, and eat well.  It’s a potluck, and will always be the best meal you’ve had all week–the regulars are really fabulous cooks.  We make all kinds of food–some gluten free, some vegan, some for conscious omnivores.  Yes, we do dessert.  Once there was homemade limoncello.  You get the idea.  This will be our last time to meet in our usual space, the waiting room!  We would LOVE to see those of you who have come in the past and we haven’t seen in a long time.  Join us!

Time:  6pm-8:30pm   at the office

Sunday October 16th

We’re having a little open house.  Not a huge celebration as we’ve done in the past, but a time for folks to swing by, chat, reminisce, etc.  I’d like to add your wonderful energy to our space one more time.  And it will give you a chance to look around, because SOME things in the office will end up being on sale prior to closing our doors (see below).  Always good to plan ahead; kind of like viewing an estate sale prior to the big event.

And of course there will be yummy food.  How can I not take advantage of another chance to feed you all?

Time:  1pm-4pm.

See you then!

Friday October 28th

Everything in the office needs to go.  If it’s still here on the 28th, it’s up for grabs.  There will be some items for sale: furniture, probably a refrigerator, a great IKEA wooden file cabinet, artwork I brought in, any remaining supplements (at a discount, can’t guarantee what will be there), copies of my book at a discount.  There will also be some free stuff –odds and ends yet to be determined.

AND, the lovely art of Cynthia Joba that has graced our walls for most of the time we’ve been open will ALSO be on sale, at a very special price.  The artist will be on hand to chat with you about her process and each piece.  This is a rare opportunity, so you should definitely take advantage of it!

I cannot hold any items for you, so please don’t ask.  It will be first come/first served. (we’ll literally have our door locked til we start!). Perhaps you’ll have to arm-wrestle someone for those ladies who hang on the wall of the bathroom, or the bronze torso statue that hangs in my consultation room.  A little friendly competition is ok, but no blows, please!

Time:  4pm-8pm (if there is still stuff there that late!)

Bring your cash, checkbooks and credit cards and go home with a piece of MIB.  I would really appreciate it.


Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging is Moving Just Down the Street!

I’ve been SO fortunate to have TDI available at our office for years, and it broke my heart to let them know they would need to find new space.  Guess what?  They will be setting up at Oxygen Oasis, just down the street!  Aren’t we lucky??  The first date for imagining there is December 15 2022.  Remember, you still call TDI directly to schedule an appointment.  (856) 596-5834

848 Town Center Drive, Langhorne      Oxygen Oasis | Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | Langhorne, PA (o2oasis.com)


White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

For the first time in what feels like forever, the White House is convening a conference to review the state of hunger and nutrition in our country and strategize ways to improve it.  Mark Hyman, MD has been very involved in the planning of this conference and is an invited speaker.  His current project, Food Fix, is about fixing the entire way food is produced and consumed in this country:  from how food is grown and distributed, to how we eat and how to avoid the massive food waste we currently have.  This project will get some “air time” during the conference, in front of legislators who have the authority to draft farm bills, which have a HUGE impact on all this.

You can watch the conference online.  It’s NEXT WEDNESDAY, September 28th.  Here’s the link