This art was created by A Little Company, and I started collecting them way back in the 1990’s.  A Little Company – Buonaiuto Pottery.  They used to live at our house, but when we opened MIB, Brad said I should put them on my table “cause they will make everyone smile”.  He was SO right!  As it turns out, absolutely everyone has asked about purchasing these ladies.  I mean, it’s just the first thing everyone mentions when they hear we’re having a sale!  I was concerned we were going to have a fist fight or arm wrestling contest,….and then my friend (and amazing dentist) Beth Snyder had a great suggestion:  raffle them off as a fund raiser!  This is perfect, as I would have felt a little creepy having you guys pay out a lot of money and have it just go to me. So, we’re raffling off the seated ladies as a set of three.  We are also raffling off the window ladies (the ones in the bathroom) as a set of two.

Here are the rules:

  • You’ll put your bids in by sending via email to  Any bids sent elsewhere (like as a comment on FB) will be ignored.
  • You must be clear which set you’re bidding on.  If we can’t tell, we’ll ignore your bid.
  • We’ll post the leading bid amounts (not including names of bidder) twice a day, am and pm, on our Facebook page.
  • Bidding ends at Noon Eastern on Friday 10/28/22  (I’ll be looking at the clock!)
  • You must include your name, email address and phone number with your bid.
  • Winners must be available to pay and pick up between 4pm- 8pm Eastern 10/28/22.
  • If the winner is a no show, we will contact the next highest bidder as winner for each set.
  • Minimum bids
    • 3 seated ladies $175
    • 2 window ladies $125

Proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Keystone, with gratitude to each person who bids.  If you agree that this is a good cause, we’d love to see as much as possible be raised.  Remember, it’s an election year in which appropriate healthcare for women in our state is in jeopardy.

Other Sale News

Remember that if you’re looking for art, Cynthia Joba’s artwork, which has graced our walls for more than a decade, will also be available at a special price.  She’ll be on site the day of the sale to speak with.  And if you’re in the market for crystals, some of our collection is looking for new homes as well.

Also available for purchase–think garage sale prices–will be some furniture, other art pieces, and two medical grade scales.  My tea blends will be for sale at a bit of a discount, and any remaining supplements will also be discounted (don’t get excited, there is not a huge amount left over, but worth a look).  We’ll have some very low price and free items as well, including office supplies, file folders, three ring binders and such.

All sales are final and we’d love to have a completely empty space at 8pm that Friday!

See you there!