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Dr. Wendy Warner

Medicine in Balance Founder

Dr Warner’s vision is to help her patients achieve vital health by searching for underlying causes, be they physical or energetic, and addressing these rather than simply fixing symptoms. She is an excellent educator and uses these skills to help her patients understand the “why” of their particular treatment plan.

Dr Warner spent the first 14 years of her career in a conventional ObGyn practice. During this time, she was already beginning to practice integrative medicine, and founded Medicine in Balance in 2004. This practice allows her to bring many other skilled practitioners and techniques to the aid of her patients, and this collaboration allows all issues to be addressed in the most effective way.

Unlike most functional medicine practitioners, Dr Warner is also a trained herbalist. This deep dive into botanical medicine affords her a new way of viewing and utilizing plants in healing. Plant medicine is much more complex than pharmaceuticals, and its power and subtlety continue to astound her.

Dr Warner is also a full mesa carrier in the Q’ero Tradition, Merkabah Medicine lineage. This aspect of her training allows her to sharpen her deep listening skills, her intuition and her connection with the energetic realms. All physical illness begins as a disturbance in the energy field, and if this is not addressed, physical symptoms many come and go but will likely never truly resolve.

Over the years, Dr Warner has been a President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, the first organization that offered certification in integrative medicine. She served on the board of directors of that organization as well as the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. She is an educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a national lecturer. She is also often sought out for comments by national publications and websites. She authored a chapter on Menopause Management in Rakel’s Integrative Medicine text, 5th edition, and is a co-author of Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies.

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We all have had to get through complications in life, myself included.  Over the years, I’ve had to learn to eat better, move differently, laugh more often, and quiet my mind.  If you feel alone in your journey, please don’t—I’ve been there as well, and can help you find the path that works for you.

“After all, we’re all just walking each other home”  ~Ram Dass

Before coming to Dr. Warner, I was sick with fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, and weight loss. I was very discouraged because after seeing different doctors and having many tests, everything came up negative.

By this time I was weary and ready to give up that this is how I will spend the rest of my life. Then, someone suggested I go to see Dr. Wendy Warner. My first appointment with her was March 2013 and within eight months and many tests she came to a diagnosis of heavy metal poisoning. It took me 2 years of chelation to get well and once again have quality of life. For this reason I will be ever grateful for her wisdom and dedication to me and her other patients.

Ro T.

I’ll be honest, I had heard about Dr. Warner from a co-worker whose friend goes to Dr. Warner- the co-worker had said that her friend periodically gets acupuncture to help her with anxiety.  I thought- oh, then this doctor won’t think I am crazy when I tell her that acupuncture does for me, what modern medicine has not been able to do for me. The main reason I was open to a new doctor.  When I called Medicine in Balance, I was looking for a new gynecologist, that was all, a new gynecologist, who wouldn’t think I was crazy because acupuncture helped more than the hormones my previous doctor had prescribed.

So imagine my surprise when my during my first appointment I have a quite lengthy conversation about all the things I had been complaining to my doctor about, that had been attributed to being a “woman of a certain age”. I honestly do not remember the exact chain of events, but there was a lot of blood work, and a couple of diagnoses that were quite a bit scary.  Then there was the hard talk, what was I going to be willing to do to reverse the health issues I had, and what was I going to be willing to do to just get healthier. None of it has been easy, but the healthier I get, the easier it becomes. I am not talking about just eating healthier, but eliminating certain foods from my diet, that historically had never been an issue, because there is enough research to say, this could really help you feel better.

Dr. Warner is such a kind and patient human being. She has helped me so much, and so much more than other doctors have been able to help me. When I speak with someone who talks about how they are feeling, and some of those things sound familiar to me, but their doctor says “everything looks normal”, I give them Dr. Warner’s name.  and I say call her. Talk to her. If you come out of this appointment with nothing wrong and everything really is “normal” then great, you got a second opinion because you aren’t confident that what your doctor told you is correct. Or, more likely, she will run different tests and give you a better, more thorough exam. She will help you figure out what is really wrong, and why you feel so meh. She will have the hard conversation about lifestyle choices. It will be hard, it will take some time, but it will be worth it. And let’s be honest, the sooner we can get back to feeling like ourselves, regardless of our age, the better.


I found my way to Medicine in Balance when I became exhausted looking for answers/insights on my various ailments and concerns. I was looking for a doctor/practice who would take the time to assist me in finding root causes, educate me on my current health and educate/work with me to incorporate changes to improve vs. leaning on medication to dull/lesson pain. In my work with Dr. Warner, and various providers in her office, I have made huge strides in my overall health and happiness. Dr. Sabalaske’s Osteopathic Manipulation has been amazing in managing and reducing pain and helping my body move better. Brad Hubbell’s guidance on HeartMath for stress reduction has helped me to sleep better and manage my stress better throughout the day. Lisa Weikel’s Shamanic Healing practice was an intense, in-depth review into areas of my being that I never thought would have been blocked and contributing to my ailments and physical pain. Be open-minded and try it! You won’t regret it. Lori Schlosser’s Rubenfeld Synergy work was another area that assisted in my journey of finding emotional blockages within my body that were holding me back from my true self. Suzette Gore’s Accupuncture work and Laurie Van Valkenburg’s Shiatsu work also assisted in pain reduction, stress management and calming my body. And, most recently, I worked with Kristin Tomlinson on nutrition. Kristin helped me re-center myself on the right eating path to sustain the improvements I have made throughout the years with Dr. Warner’s practice. And, I could not speak of this office without commenting on the AMAZING office staff who are so patient and kind whether dealing with scheduling an appointment, taking care of billing or just sharing a story or smile. Dr. Warner is thoughtful in her approach and direct and kind in her delivery. Dr. Warner and all the staff at Medicine in Balance are an integral part on my continuous journey of being my best self both physically and emotionally. I am so thankful to have them on this journey. Lori D.

Dr. Warner really walks the talk. Not only has she and her outstanding holistic practitioners been an incredible support to my own personal health as I’ve dealt with colon cancer and family challenges over the years, she also supports a healthy community. She recognizes the importance of vital, healthy food to our health, so she patronizes and promotes local farmers and farmers markets that bring fresh, organic produce and pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, nutrient-dense meat and dairy products to our community. I always feel like she is looking at the whole person and whole body rather than a fraction. We’re very lucky to have her and her practice in our community!

Robin H.