Please read through our frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to call the office at 215.741.1600 or email us at  info@medicineinbalance.com.

1. Do you accept insurance?
No, we are out of network for all insurance companies including Medicare. However, we will provide you with paperwork that you can use to submit for reimbursement if you have out of network coverage.
2. What does it mean to be an out of network provider?
This means that we have no relationship with any insurance companies. It also means that most companies will not speak with us regarding your claims with them, nor can we provide prior authorizations for medication or labwork.
3. Do you do appointments over the phone?

Initial appointments must be done via telemedicine. This is both for medicolegal reasons and because it’s good medicine:  you’d be surprised what we can pick up on by seeing your face.  In some circumstance, subsequent visits could be done via the phone but our strong preference is for telemedicine visits only.

4. Can Dr Warner be my primary care doctor?
No, we require that you maintain a separate primary care physician. Dr Warner is a specialist in integrative functional medicine, gynecology, herbal medicine and energy work.  The scope of her practice does not allow her to function as a primary care provider, and she no longer has hospital privileges.
5. What about weekend, holiday and after hours care?
Although Dr Warner is available by phone for true medical emergencies after hours, we suggest that in the case of emergency you go to the nearest ER or Urgent Care facility.
6. As a new patient, why do I need to see both a health coach and Dr Warner??

Prior to your visit with either one, you will have filled out an online lifestyle questionnaire. Our health coaches review this with you, both for your own education as well as to save time during your visit with Dr Warner.  Knowing how you live your life now helps to suggest areas of change in the future.

7. Do I need to buy supplements from Medicine in Balance?

No.  We will make suggestions as to what supplements will be part of your healing plan, and will send that list to online supplement distributors. You then make an account with those distributors and purchase them directly.  They can also set you up for automatic renewal and / or reminders so you don’t run out.  However, if you prefer to purchase them elsewhere, that is fine.  We ask that you get the EXACT same brand that we recommend, as not all supplements are equal and we have spent a great deal of time and effort to determine which ones are best.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

Please read our cancellation policy HERE.

9. Can I have blood work drawn at your office?

No, we do not draw blood work at our office. We suggest that you get your labs drawn directly at Quest or Labcorp if possible. Many of the tests that we order will not be done at a hospital, and if you have your primary care office draw them, they will likely make a mistake as they are not familiar with the tests and are not set up to handle the specimens correctly. Also, if they are drawn at your primary care facility, the results will be sent there and not to us!

10. Do you do specialty lab testing?

Yes, we regularly order specialty labs such as heavy metal testing and microbiome testing. In addition, we do a great deal of genetic testing in order to personalize your medicine.

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