Integrative Functional Medicine Consultations

Dr Warner sees women, men and teens for a variety of concerns and different “diagnoses”. This can range from hormonal imbalances, hypertension and high cholesterol to autoimmune issues or diabetes.

Looking through the lens of Functional Medicine, she will seek out the underlying cause of these conditions and help to rebalance the person, restoring normal processes in the body.

In Functional Medicine, we look at processes, not individual issues, and that means that steps taken to rebalance one issue usually work to rebalance other issues as well.

Genetic Investigation for Personalized Treatment

We are all individuals, having received our genetic makeup from our parents.  No one else is exactly like us (unless you have a twin!).  In order to provide truly personalized medical care, these genetic predispositions should be kept in mind and taken into account as medical decisions are made.

We order and interpret genetic testing for many specific issues, and can help provide information about how you handle medication, how well or poorly you take in your food, and how you metabolize your hormones.  Know that our genes are also not the end of the game:  how we live our lives determines which genes get expressed and which remain silent.  Let us help you determine which genes get a voice in your life.

Nutritional Counseling

Most of us can use some help in meeting our goals to eat more healthfully. Sometimes we need more basic knowledge, sometimes we “know” what we “should” be doing but simply can’t seem to make it happen.

Our nutritional counseling services can help you untangle the many moving parts of your eating habits. If you have a new medical diagnosis that can be managed with changes in eating, we can help. If you need to overhaul your pantry, or figure out how to eat well and still keep your family happy, we can help. Also, we can adjust supplement choices based on dietary patterns.

The goal of our nutritional counseling is to not remind you how much you’ve “cheated” but to help you find a balanced, healthy relationship to food that works for your lifestyle.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is more than just talking about your diet.

A coach helps you find your priorities and make first steps in change.  They also help you figure out why you can’t move forward.  Part cheerleader, part counselor, part nutritionist, part confidant, your coach shows you the way and helps you remain accountable to yourself and your goals.  They will give you the data you need (diet review, supplement review, exercise patterning) to make an informed decision about the next steps in your health journey.  We can all use a second opinion like this!

There’s more to healing than drugs and surgery