Our Team

Dr. Wendy Warner

MIB Founder

Dr Warner’s vision is to help her patients achieve vital health by searching for underlying causes, be they physical or energetic, and addressing these rather than simply fixing symptoms.  She is an excellent educator and uses these skills to help her patients understand the “why” of their particular treatment plan…

Thomas E. Sabalaske, DO

Osteopathic Manipulation

Tom is a board certified physician in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He practices full time as a family practitioner at Feasterville Family Practice in Feasterville, PA. Tom has had a special interest in manipulation since 1996 and has attended numerous seminars and conferences…

Brad Hubbell, CH

Stress Management

Brad provides training in self regulation, stress reduction and emotional management through heart-rhythm biofeedback (HRV) to help our patients prevent, manage, and reverse the negative effects of stress and unhealthy behavior. Using the techniques and tools of the Institute of Heartmath, you can learn to shift …

Kristin Tomlinson

Nutritional Counseling

Kristin is a Clinical Nutritionist, with years of experience in health coaching and nutritional counseling. Her approach is whole-foods based, whether it is simply helping you set up a basic healthy eating plan or devising specific plans to support a new medical diagnosis…

Lori Schlosser, PhD, CRS

Rubenfeld Synergy

Lori is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist known for providing a warm, accepting and safe environment for healing, self-discovery and personal growth. Combining talk, touch, compassionate listening, movement and humor, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® uses the body as a doorway to the self….

Lisa Weikel

Shamanic Healing

Lisa is a writer, student of shamanism, and attorney for over 25 years. Uniquely blending intuition, pragmatism, wisdom, and humor, she helps create unexpected shifts in perspective that lead to healing in the most surprising ways. Lisa has been inspired to seek out, train with…

Yana Genkil

Physical Therapy

Yana is a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health with focus on pelvic pain, urinary and bowel symptoms, pelvic floor dysfunctions for men and women, pregnancy and postpartum care. She uses a whole-body approach through gentle hands-on-techniques with a focus on balancing

Support Staff

Darlene Dippolito

Darlene is our more senior staffer at MIB, having been with us the longest.  She has decades of experience in medical reception, as well as a background in billing and coding.  Calm under pressure, she’s always available to answer questions, fix a problem and generally make your time at MIB more pleasant.


Ash is an Australian Sheperd and is often around the office. Although she is generally very quiet while here, she’s a whirlwind at home, used to wresting with larger dogs and chasing deer in the woods near our place. Her habit is to play ball in the parking lot during lunch—it helps her stay quiet during the afternoon! As always, if you’re allergic, please let us know and we’ll be sure to leave her at home that day.


Jax is the newest member of MIB, and is a mini-Australian shepherd. (Ash is glad that he’ll always be just a bit smaller!) When Brad is in the office, Jax is here as well. He loves to pester his big sister Ash, and tends to give a playful growl and wiggle of his butt when he wants to play. Just thought you might want to meet him!


Trooper was often seen around the office, mostly with Brad (they were kind of joined at the hip!).  He was a very calm presence during Heartmath sessions, and knew how to help Ash behave.  He passed over recently, but we’re leaving his picture here for now.  We just like to see it!


Nellie was our original “pet therapist” who hung out with us and greeted patients each day. She passed in the early summer 2012, but sometimes we still feel her presence. We’re leaving her photo here, as she was such a big part of the practice that it feels wrong to remove her.