Our Team

Dr. Wendy Warner

MIB Founder

Dr Warner’s vision is to help her patients achieve vital health by searching for underlying causes, be they physical or energetic, and addressing these rather than simply fixing symptoms.  She is an excellent educator and uses these skills to help her patients understand the “why” of their particular treatment plan…

Kristin Tomlinson

Nutritional Counseling

Kristin is a Clinical Nutritionist, with years of experience in health coaching and nutritional counseling. Her approach is whole-foods based, whether it is simply helping you set up a basic healthy eating plan or devising specific plans to support a new medical diagnosis…

Support Staff

Darlene Squire

Darlene is our more senior staffer at MIB, having been with us the longest.  She has decades of experience in medical reception, as well as a background in billing and coding.  Calm under pressure, she’s always available to answer questions, fix a problem and generally make your time at MIB more pleasant.

Brittany Davis

Brittany started with our team April 2022 and almost immediately got thrown into our transition to a virtual office!  She is a Certified Administrative Medical Assistant with over 5 years of experience as a Medical Receptionist. She’s been invaluable as we learned new tech; she’s also patient, kind, friendly and pretty unflappable.  Her goal is to help provide a positive experience for all our patients.