Our Team | Brad Hubbell, CH

Brad Hubbell, CH

Stress Management

Brad provides training in self regulation, stress reduction and emotional management through heart-rhythm biofeedback (HRV) to help our patients prevent, manage, and reverse the negative effects of stress and unhealthy behavior.

Using the techniques and tools of the Institute of Heartmath, you can learn to shift to a positive emotional state and see the effects on the computer screen right before your eyes. The change in heart rate variability immediately triggers a healthy psycho-physiologic response in your body that benefits the whole body, mind and spirit: blood pressure drops, stress hormones decrease, the immune system engages. You will feel balanced, calm, and in control.

Brad has the following certifications through the Institute of Heartmath:  Building Personal Resiliency, Stopping Emotional Eating, Heartmath Interventions.  He has been a certified practitioner since 2005.