Our Team | Suzette Gore

Suzette Gore, LOM

Acupuncture, Matrix Energetics, Bach Flower Remedies

Suzette is a national board certified, licensed Practitioner of Oriental Medicine in PA/NJ/NY, as well as a certified Matrix Energetics and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s 4yr. program in NYC and has been in practice in Bucks County for more than a decade. Styles of Acupuncture include Balance Method, Tung Style, TCM, Auricular ‘ 5-Element, all of which are applied with a very gentle and caring touch, along with adjunct techniques like heat therapy, guasha and cupping. Traditional diagnostic methods are supplemented with computerized Digital Meridian analysis and testing with the Bio-Meridian device both allowing for greater refinement in treatment strategies and patient tracking over time.

To further balance body-mind-spirit, Bach Flower Essences may also be selected – these homeopathic remedies gently transform negative emotions into their positive vibrations, thus freeing the individual to experience greater joy, health, and fulfillment in life. Suzette is also listed on the International Registry of Bach Flower Essence Practitioners.

Additionally, patients can access new frontiers and possibilities for healing and instantaneous change with Matrix Energetics (sessions both in-office and remotely). This transformation takes place by communicating with the “wavefronts” of light and information that create all of our reality, allowing one to collapse the wave of quantum potential into new and different outcomes –it’s a process that can only be experienced vs. described!

By combining these various modalities with a dose of good humor, Suzette is passionate about bringing positive change and transformation into the lives of all her patients.